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Josh Lyons

Josh Lyons has earned a place among the world's top horsemen by applying a simple philosophy: "Knowledge and motivation are the only tools that you need to bring with you into your barn." As one of the world's best horse trainers and clinicians, Josh helps all levels of horse enthusiasts from trainers to trail riders to have a better relationship with their horse. Josh's attitude towards horsemanship is based on "trust not trauma." His proven success in "solving anyone's horse problem" has made him a top horseman and horse trainer. The core of Josh's program is a unique method of conditioned response horse training that modifies the horse enthusiast's attitude towards the horse by providing in-depth understanding and knowledge.




Josh Lyons Horse Training Programs

Josh Lyons offers a variety of programs that will meet the needs of any horse owner.

Josh LyonsaltPrivate Instruction - Josh will personally work with you and your horse.
altSemi-Private Instruction - Intensive horse training for up to four riders.
altSymposia - Josh demonstrates the Lyons Method over the course of a weekend.
alt3-day Riding Clinics - Improve your horse's behavior and performance in just three days.
alt5-day Performance Clinic - Helps horse trainers and advanced riders go to the next level.
altCertification Course - Josh will teach you to become a Lyons Legacy Certified Trainer.
altAccreditation Course - Personalized intensive instruction on performance riding.
altMaster Trainers Course - Become a Lyons Legacy Master Trainer

Josh Lyons' Horse Training Heritage

Josh became a top horseman at an early age. Growing up on a cattle ranch, he learned the art of horsemanship from his father, John Lyons, "The Most Trusted Horseman in America." Together, Josh and John created the Lyons Certification program. At the age of 16, Josh began teaching the program at the Cowboy-Up ranch in Parachute, Colorado. His natural horsemanship abilities, plus his talents in teaching horsemanship skills as a horse trainer and top horse whisperer, have made him a popular guest at horse expositions in the U.S., Canada, Europe, and Australia. He has led programs at the Midwest Horse Fair and the Equine Affair, and he was invited to participate in the "In a Whisper Challenge" where he was named the undisputed winner. 

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